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The Imamul Hai Khan Educational Society, had decided to translate the dreams of Late Imamul Hai Khan into reality to develop various faculties of Education at Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro Such as Management, Law Engineering / Medical / Education etc. for the better education of Minorities. Harijans, Advasis and displaced persons in particular and other habitants in general. The establishment of Law College by the society by its resolution dated 11.06.1983 is the first step in this direction which has been started by Sri Raees Ahamd Khan in association with his enthusiastic social workers of the City associate with its common culture and decided to dedicate their services for which they got as - inspirations from Late Imamul Hai Khan, founder of Chas College, Ex-Coal Cutter and Ex-minister of Bihar, freedom fighter, trade union/Kisan Leader.

Founder & Mentor

I behold with immense satisfaction the progress of Imamul Hai Khan Law College. It has remained faithful to my vision of a great college and has emerged as a premier institution in the Jharkhand State at Bokaro.I have the privilege to be the founder of this college and thus have witnessed its every activity, since its inception. I admit that it is the outcome of dedication and hard work of teaching and non – teaching staff of the college.

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